Parking at Malaga airport

Information about Parking areas at the airport

Where to park at Malaga airport

The airport has many advantages and possibilities when parking your vehicle. The airport car park and nearby car parks can provide a parking option that is well suited to your needs, whether for a few hours, days or long-term, etc.

P1 or Short Term Parking

The P1 parking is ideal if you need to park your vehicle securely at the airport for a period not exceeding five days. The P1 Parking is located within walking distance of Terminal 3. Another useful reason to use this car park is to pick up and drop off passengers.

P2 or Express Parking

In the P2 parking area you’ll find a rather peculiar way of parking. The characteristic of the Parking Express is good for those who only require a parking of no more than 30 minutes. Noteworthy is the comfort and security of this area for its proximity to the T2 and T3.

P3 or Long Term Parking

Maybe you require an option which allows parking your car during long stays; for this you have the Parking P3 that offers you the possibility to stop worrying about the safety of your vehicle. Note that a shuttle or transfer is provided free of charge with the reservation of the parking; this extra service is round-trip from the P3 to the main terminal.

P7 or Parking for private flights

The Parking P7 fits well for those customers who departure from Malaga on a private flight and need to leave their vehicle parked. It’s perfect for this kind of clients due to the proximity of the parking to the General Aviation Terminal where take place all private flights in Malaga.

Parking Vip

There are also available the services of VIP Parking which works by leaving your car at the entrance of Terminal 3 and an employee of the parking will take it to VIP parking; it is certainly one of the most convenient ways to park your car. Similarly when you come back you will have your vehicle waiting outside the airport without having to approach the parking. This service can be combined with other alternatives as the passing the MOT or cleaning and washing the car.

Private Parking for car rental companies

The rent a car companies use levels 0 and -1 of the Parking Express to park their cars which later are collected by their customers. However, for the return of the car, these companies use plants -1 and -2 of the Parking P1 where customers have to bring the rented car.

Private Parking

A short drive from Malaga airport, next to the car rental companies you find private companies offering their parking services. Due to the distance to the airport, these parking companies provide a round-trip airport transfer to avoid an annoying walk.