The beaches of Malaga city

Malaga as a coastal city has 15 beaches spread along 40 kilometres of coastline. These are the beaches from west to east: Guadalmar, Guadalhorce, Sacaba Beach, Misericordia, San Andrés, La Malagueta, La Caleta, Baños de Carmen, Pedregalejo, El Palo, El Dedo, El Candado, el Peñón del Cuervo, the beach of Fábrica de Cemento and La Araña beach.

We are going to talk about what we believe are the best beaches in Malaga city for a great day at the beach in summer or for a walk in any season of the year to enjoy the pleasant breeze of the Mediterranean Sea.

Beach of Guadalmar

Guadalmar beach

Next to the Parador golf course is situated the wide beach of Guadalmar which is just over 400 meters long and 30 meters wide. Formed by dark sand and divided into two parts, there is an undeveloped protected area which is less frequented and another part with a small promenade belonging to the district of Guadalmar.

Beach of La Misericordia

Misericordia beach

Located west of Malaga in a quiet urban area, with a fairly frequented promenade and highly recommended for its beauty. The beach of La Misericordia of dark sand is over a kilometre long and 30 meters wide. The beach area has several bars, restaurants on the beach (called ‘Chiringuitos‘), plus bars and cafes along the promenade.

Beach of La Malagueta

La Malagueta beach

The beach of La Malagueta is one of the most frequented and popular beaches of Malaga in a privileged location just next to the centre of Malaga and Pier One. Its extension reaches up to 1200 meters and its width in some areas exceeds 40 meters. Like in the beach of La Misericordia you will find several bars where to sample the fish of Malaga among other typical dishes like paella, fried anchovies, fried fish, etc.

Beach of Pedregalejo

Pedregalejo beach

The beaches of the old district of Pedregalejo are extensive and wide with more than 1 kilometre length and 25 meters width; they are different by their form of varied crescents with small rocky areas. The area is urbanized, has a promenade and many bars where to eat and enjoy tapas.

Beach of Peñon del Cuervo

Peñón del Cuervo

A remote coastal area of the city that nevertheless tends to have a high occupancy. Like the vast majority of Malaga beaches, its sand is dark and it is outstanding among others for having a rock in the form of a crow which gives it a distinctive touch and separates the beach in two parts. It is 350 meters long and 25 meters wide for what is considered a small beach and its somewhat isolated location hardly offers any beach service, the only way to get there is by road.