Festive days in Malaga

Malaga has many festive days which are interesting to know if you plan to come for a holiday. You might like to match any of these dates in order to know their traditions and become part of the festivities like a local, which we highly recommend.

In many cases, shops, restaurants and other establishments and services choose to close their businesses.

Holidays of Malaga

January 1st
New Year – national holiday
January 6th
Epiphany, a national holiday. January 5, the Cavalcade of the Magi with numerous parades throwing candy, a treat for any child.
Between January and February, is celebrated the Carnival of Malaga where you can attend different events in the centre of Malaga and in some theatres in the city to enjoy the “Chirigotas” or humorous entertainment.
February 28th
Day of Andalusia, this holiday is celebrated regionally and only in the autonomous community of Andalusia.
Holy Thursday,
a national holiday in Easter (depending on the calendar, it is celebrated in March or April).
Good Friday,
a national holiday that is celebrated on Easter. In this week take place many processions through the centre of each town of Malaga. Easter is a tradition of the Christian religion very followed in most of Spain for its striking solemnity (depending on the calendar, it is celebrated in March or April).
May 1st,
the national holiday commonly known as Labour Day.
August 15th
National Holiday of Assumption. This day usually coincides with the week of the Malaga Fair, a celebration which is certainly highly recommended to attend for their relaxed atmosphere of fun and camaraderie.
August 19th,
the feast of the patron saints of the city of Malaga, San Ciriaco and Santa Paula.
September 8th
Virgen de la Victoria, a local festival where a procession is held by carrying the image of the Virgen de la Victoria from the cathedral of Malaga to the Shrine of Victoria.
October 12th
Columbus Day or National Holiday of Spain
November 1st
is a national holiday that celebrates Catholic All Saints which have not been feted for the rest of the year. The memory of those who died is also honoured in some parts of the world.
December 6th
Constitution Day. This national holiday commemorates as festive day the referendum on the Spanish Constitution of 1978.
December 8th,
national holiday of the Immaculate Conception celebrating the religious belief of the pure conception.
December 25th
Christmas and birthday of Jesus Christ in Bethlehem. National holiday.