Malaga bus station

Malaga bus station is located near the train station Maria Zambrano and the shops and stores in downtown. The bus station is located in Paseo de los Tilos.

For certain trips such as Malaga to Torremolinos, Malaga to Benalmadena or Malaga to Fuengirola we recommend taking the suburban train at Renfe train station situated just a few metres away.

Destinations and timetables

The station has 40 platforms for busses to park and wait simultaneously. From the platforms leave buses to many destinations in Malaga, Andalusia and Spain. The timing and frequency of the trips vary by destination, so if you are interested in knowing the schedule of a particular destination we recommend you visit the official website:

Schedules and locations:

Besides travelling to Spanish cities like Madrid, Seville, Barcelona, Alicante, Valencia, Bilbao, etc. from the bus station leave buses to international destinations; for more information, call the Customer Service at +34 952 350 061.

Services and shops in the Station

Inside you will find services common to this type of facility: A store for magazines and books, several food stalls, bathrooms on both sides of the enclosure and of course there are counters dedicated to the sale of tickets and information desks. At the main entrance there is an electronic board where are shown the next departures; this information comes with time and the platform where each bus leaves.

Connection Bus Station – Airport

From platform 30 leaves a bus to the airport every day of the week, the journey takes 25 minutes. Departure times are:

6:30 am 6:50 am 7:20 am 7:45 am 8:10 am 8:40 am 9:10 am 9:40 am 10:10 am 10:33 am
10:55 am 11:18 am 11:40 am 12:03 pm 12:25 pm 12:45 pm 1:10 pm 1:33 pm 1:55 pm 2:25 pm
2:50 pm 3:20 pm 3:50 pm 4:20 pm 4:50 pm 5:13 pm 5:35 pm 5:58 pm 6:20 pm 6:40 pm
7:10 pm 7:40 pm 8:10 pm 8:40 pm 9:10 pm 9:45 pm 10:20 pm 11:00 pm 11:35 pm

Private Minibuses with

If you use public transportation you are bound to a schedule and disadvantages of these more affordable services; normally the bus will not take you where you need to, you will have to carry your luggage and walk for a while. However, hiring a private minibus you can decide from which destination in Malaga and the Costa del Sol you would like to be picked up; learn more about our services for private transfers.