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Visiting the Municipality of Antequera

The town of Antequera with more than 40,000 inhabitants is positioned as one of the largest municipalities in the province of Malaga; the territory is of nearly 700 km2 where Antequera preserves many reasons for a visit thanks to its monumental, architectural and archaeological heritage. In the town you will find large number of churches, convents and mansions in addition to the closeby impressive Torcal of Antequera and the group of Dolmens.

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The most interesting places of Antequera:

The Collegiate Church of Santa Maria la Mayor is of all religious buildings – there are many in Antequera – the most important and largest in town. Its construction dates back to the mid sixteenth century; close to the Collegiate Church you find other points of interest like the statue of Pedro Espinosa, located in the same plaza, a viewpoint behind the religious monument, the imposing Arch of the Giants that leads into this area and the beautiful Alcazaba of Antequera and its wall.

Taking a walk in the town is always a pleasure in Antequera because as you walk through its beautiful avenues and streets you discover new places, monasteries, palaces and other areas of interest. Some examples are: San Sebastian Square with its beautiful Collegiate Church of the same name, Puerta de Estepa; the Museum of Antequera at Plaza Coso Viejo and the Fountain la Fuente de los Elementos among many other sites that you will discover during the walk.

Northeast of Antequera, is situated the famous Peña de los Enamorados, a mountain curious in form and history, which is clearly visible from the highest points of the city.

The Torcal of Antequera

Among other places you can enjoy during your trip to Antequera, there is a visit to the Wolf Park, attending a bullfight in the beautiful Plaza de Toros and of course we recommend – if you get the chance – visiting the Torcal de Antequera located south of the town; the rocky mountain chain is known for the striking shape of its limestone, which was eroded by various agents, you will be surprised by the incredible views from the viewpoint and you´ll enjoy some unforgettable walks through this natural area.

The Dolmens of Antequera

Another place that draws attention to travellers are the mysterious stone structures or Dolmens. According to studies these creations are dating from 2500 BC and could have been prepared as death chambers. Antequera has three of them: Dolmen de Menga, Dolmen de Viera and Dolmen de El Romeral.

Excursions and day trips

Ronda excursions

Visiting all these attractions in Antequera is possible and easy, thanks to Malaga excursions that we organize for you a personalized way.

From Malaga airport to Antequera

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