One day trips to Granada

Granada is undoubtedly a beautiful city, University city, full of history and with plenty of cultural attractions. Coming to this Andalusian destination means enjoying its gastronomy in the form of tapas, always presented along with a drink at a very affordable price.

Day trips to Granada

Organized trips to Granada

Every Tuesday and Friday, except public holidays, take place excursions to Granada. During summer take place excursions as well on Wednesdays. The bus will depart from Malaga and go picking up tourists, so departure time depends to a large degree on this fact. The total price is 67.00 euros, which includes the entrance ticket to the Alhambra and other sites.

What will you see during the tour?

The trip to Granada begins, how could it be oth1erwise, with a visit to the Alhambra, the most important Nasrid monument of the city. Inside you can stroll through the undeniable beautiful rectangular courtyards with fountains and ponds admiring its beautiful Moorish architecture. Then there will be a guided tour of the Palace of Charles V, also the Generalife Gardens and the journey completes discovering the incredible views from the Mirador de San Cristobal.

Day trips to Granada

The tour includes a stop for breakfast and optionally a break in the city centre for lunch.


In winter there may be snowfall in the city of Granada, so we recommend a warm coat at this time of year as temperatures will drop considerably. In summer quite the contrary, the heat increases and you should wear comfortable and light clothing

How to book the excursion?

Fill our contact form and ask for all the details you need to know. We will answer as soon as possible.

Other options for traveling to Granada

To visit Granada and its monuments you can opt for alternatives such as car rental or booking a minibus transfer to take you to the city.

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