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Córdoba, Andalucía

Cordoba is the capital city of the homonymous province. The city is rich in history and attractions thanks to the settlement of different cultures and ideologies, since the founding of the city by the Romans in the first century BC with the name of Corduba. The municipality currently has more than 325,000 inhabitants, but it is noteworthy that during the tenth century its population rose to half a million people and it was considered one of the most populated cities in the world.

Cordoba is located in the interior of Andalusia, at a distance of 140 kilometres from Seville, 155 kilometres from Malaga and 120 km from Jaen. The main attraction that makes tourists travel to Cordoba is to know each of the relevant monuments and points of interest. We are going to highlight the most interesting places you should not miss, but remember that you will need several days to discover and visit most of these places. offers the best kind of transportation in a high performance car; check our services if you need to know more about transfers in Malaga.

Things to see in the city of Cordoba:

The Cathedral-Mosque of Cordoba is one of the key attractions in the city tour. The mosque is one of the oldest monuments in Cordoba, starting its construction in the year 786. During the year 1238 would begin the transformation of the mosque into a cathedral after the Reconquista. It is well worth a visit to see the impressive interior forest of columns in an enclosure which could hold up to 20,000 people.

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Before coming to the Cathedral, crossing the Guadalquivir River over the San Rafael Bridge, you will pass under the Arco del Triunfo from the sixteenth century.

Walking 200 metres west from the Cathedral is located the Alcazar of Catholic Kings with well-maintained and splendid gardens. This military-style building was built in 1328. In the basement of the Palace you can still visit the Arab baths we recommend not to miss. If you would like to visit other gardens and parks we can recommend a walk in Jardines de la Victoria, Jardines de la Agricultura or the Miraflores Park.

During the fair or other festivities when strolling around the city, you can frequently find one of the famous Andalusian patios beautifully decorated with potted plants. Also, among the streets of the old town, you can see the wonderful architecture of Cordoba where are hiding places full of history, such as the old Jewish quarter, among other places.

Transfers to Cordoba

Next to City Hall you have the opportunity to see the imprint of the Roman Empire with the remains of the Roman Temple, which is composed of some columns and archaeological ruins of the first century AD. Another attraction of the Andalusian city are the majestic bridges, both the ancient one as the Puente Romano of the first century BC and Alcolea Bridge, and the latest: Miraflores Bridge, Andalucia Bridge and Abbas Ibn Firnas Bridge.

If you have time to continue looking at other sites of interest, try the Archaeological and Ethnological Museum of Cordoba, the Museum of Fine Arts, the Museo Julio Romero de Torres; besides visiting the Church of Nuestra Señora de Gracia, the Collegiate Church of St. Hippolytus or the Basilica of Juramento de San Rafael; seeing a bullfight at the Plaza de Toros of Cordoba or a performance at the Gran Teatro de Córdoba.

Excursions and day trips

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Visiting all these attractions in Córdoba is possible and easy, thanks to tours and day trips that we organize for you a personalized way.

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