Malaga monuments

Monuments in the centre of Malaga

Here you will find relevant information about the monuments of Malaga; if you are looking for data on these for your holiday in the province of Malaga, please continue reading below and check out our private taxi service in Malaga, for the most safe and comfortable way of transport to the historic centre of Malaga.

Public Transport

To reach the monuments, mostly located in the centre of Málaga, besides our transfer you can also opt for public transport which is cheaper, although you will depend on timetables.

Furthermore, you will have to walk from where the bus drops you on Main Street or Station Muelle Heredia.

The Alcazaba Fortress of Malaga

Muslims in the eleventh century built the Alcazaba of Malaga on a Phoenician-Punic fortress located in the historical centre and in the foothills of Mount Gibralfaro; the Alcazaba is one of the most important monuments of the province. Currently only lasts not even half of the surface occupied in the past with its old wall of three meters or its up to 100 towers, and even up to 3 palaces. Despite this reduction of territory by the passage of time and historical events, the Alcazaba presents the visitor a unique scene not to be missed if you are coming to Malaga.

Gibralfaro castle

Attached to the Alcazaba fortress by two of its towers, Gibralfaro Castle is named for the lighthouse that once stood within the enclosure. It was Abderrahman III who ordered the construction of a magnificent fort in the ancient ruins and with Yusuf I the fortress became a fortified palace. Today this monument can be visited and from the Tower Torre del Homenaje you can enjoy incredible views of Malaga.

Roman Theatre of Malaga

The construction of the Roman Theatre which can be found next to the Alcazaba of Malaga, is attributed to the Roman Emperor Caesar Augustus in the first century BC. The use of the Theatre came to an end in the third century and it was concealed for hundreds of years until it was discovered by accident in 1960. The restoration and excavation continued in 1988 with the destruction of two buildings that covered part of the surface of the Roman Theatre.

The cathedral Basilica de la Encarnacion

The Cathedral of Malaga is the most impressive Catholic religious temple of all Malaga and is visited by tourists throughout the year. The construction lasted over 250 years, beginning in 1528 after the arrival to Malaga of the Catholic Monarchs during the reconquest. The Cathedral was built on an Arab mosque and its style of Gothic origin with the passage of the years oriented towards Renaissance style.

Bullring La Malagueta

Like the vast majority of cities and towns in Andalusia, Malaga has a Bullring built from 1874 to 76. In 2010 a reformation allowed an increased capacity of just over 9000 spectators in its 52 meters in diameter. The Plaza de Toros was named La Malagueta for the area where it is situated.

Cervantes Theatre

The theatre was conceived due to the fire of Prince Alfonso Theatre in 1862, which led to the construction of the Cervantes Theatre in the years 1869 and 1870. Today the theatre hosts musicals, dance, poetry, plays and even devotes part of its program to children.

Excursions to the sights of Malaga

These monuments can be seen with a tour guide with our customized tours; learn more about out day trips to Málaga and contacte con nosotros to request more information about the monuments you would like to visit.