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The Rock of Gibraltar

Crossing the southern boundary of La Linea de la Concepcion, we enter the Overseas Territory of the United Kingdom commonly called the Rock of Gibraltar. This tourist spot of nearly 7 km2 and 28,000 inhabitants is located in one of the most southern spots in Spain, east of Algeciras and Tarifa (the tip of Europe). The territory of Gibraltar is bordered by the Mediterranean Sea, and despite not having much space it has its own airport and a port and marina.

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Tourists usually visit Gibraltar for shopping along Main Street, a site that has many shops that you hardly find in other parts of Andalusia. Also many tourists are attracted to the great Rock that emerges up to 426 meters height; an impressive and striking image.

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Things to see and do at the Rock of Gibraltar

As mentioned, shopping is always fantastic in Gibraltar because the products are exempt from taxes, although you should be cautious as only certain amounts of alcohol, tobacco and other articles may be brought across the border.

Getting up the rock is very interesting either through the road or through the cable car service. There are many curious visitors who want to see any of the more than two hundred monkeys living wild in the vast limestone mountain; the familiarization with the human being is extraordinary, although caution is advised and you shouldn´t feed them. Up here there are other attractions such as St. Michaels cave or tunnels that were built during World War II with cannons still maintained in their defensive positions. At the Rock of Gibraltar there is also the mark of the occupation of the Moors in Andalusia from the seventh century with a Moorish castle that is still preserved.

Water sports are a great attraction, besides enjoying mornings and afternoons on the beaches of the territory of Gibraltar. It is also advisable to stroll through the streets discovering interesting public spaces as Casemates Square, where stands the spectacular canyon of Koehler, the vast expanse of La Piazza, the Cathedral of St. Mary the Crowned, and many more.

Excursions and day trips

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Visiting all these attractions in Gibraltar is possible and easy, thanks to tours and day trips that we organize for you a personalized way.

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