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Visiting Ronda

The town of Ronda is one of the most populous municipalities inland Malaga with more than 36,000 inhabitants. Ronda is visited by tourists from all over Europe during the 365 days of the year thanks to its timeless main attractions: Its history, its monuments and its culture. The food, good accommodation options, the beauty of the town, and other virtues make Ronda a wonderful vacation destination.

Transfers to Ronda

This town of Malaga is located north of Estepona at a distance of 66 km and 61 km of ; thanks to this proximity travellers visiting Ronda may also enjoy the best of a visit to the Costa del Sol: Sun, beach, relax, golf and animated night life. offers the best kind of transportation in a high performance vehicle; check our taxi rates.

Transfers to Ronda

Things to see in Ronda:

Anyone who knows Ronda or has heard of this place, upon arrival, first wants to go to the New Bridge, built in the eighteenth century, to enjoy the magnificent views which you can enjoy at a height of nearly 100 meters at the gorge of the Tajo de Ronda.

The Old Bridge is not as spectacular, but it is one of the sights of Ronda. Regarding the origin of this architectural work, it is unclear whether it is Roman or Arabic, being the second option the most supported. Its shape and condition reveal its great antiquity. Crossing the bridge we reach another monument, the Arch of Philip V. After the Arc we reach the quiet, leafy Plaza Duquesa de Parcent, where we can visit places like the town hall of Ronda and the Church of Santa Maria la Mayor, a work of the fifteenth century, consisting of three parts that were built in different epochs.

If we continue, we see part of the wall of Ronda and get to the church of Espiritu Santo, as large as the previous Santa Maria la Mayor. Following the road we discover Almocabar Gate from the Middle Ages (thirteenth century) which connects with the old city centre through three doors and two round towers where guards watched in the past.

Ronda has many other attractions such as the ancient Arab baths, the appealing sanctuary of Maria Auxiliadora, the church Santa Cecilia, the extraordinary Bullfighting Ring which could be considered as one of the best in Malaga. Next to the Bull ring is situated a lovely View Point you should not miss.

The cities´ Museum offer includes Museum Lara, the Bandit Museum, the Ronda Wine Museum and the Municipal Archaeological Museum. As a curiosity, about 20 kilometres north you can find archaeological remains of the Roman city of Acinipo and its theatre that is still standing.

Transfers to Ronda

Excursions and day trips

Malaga excursions

Visiting all these attractions in Ronda is possible and easy, thanks to tours and day trips that we organize for you a personalized way.

From Malaga airport to Ronda

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