Car hire malaga

Car hire in Malaga airport

We think it’s important that you have already thought ahead and decided on your means of transportation you will use when arriving at Malaga airport. You will have multiple options such as public transport with network of Malaga buses, the commuter train, a transfer from the airport, a conventional taxi or a car rental.

If you go for the last example of means of transport, car hire, we recommend you read our little guide with tips and also take note of the reliable companies we discuss below.

Tips for a good balance between quality and price

Our main advice is not just to go with the company that gives you the cheapest prices. Our experience warns us that some car rental companies lower their prices per day to incredible numbers with the trick of later increasing the sum with hidden extras and conditions. This practice leads to a total price far from what they initially promised. The solution to this problem is simple, please read well each booking condition and compare prices between companies that transmit you more confidence.

The main drawback of renting a vehicle is that you have to drive yourself through towns and cities that you may not know. One means of professional and comfortable alternative transport are private transfers from the Malaga airport.

Car rental companies in the airport

We provide useful data about the major car rental companies located inside Malaga airport.

Europcar |

Car rental companies in the airport

These companies are mostly located along Avenida Garcia Morato

Marbesol |
Centauro |
Tony’s Rent a Car |

Tips for customers and drivers

  • Be always documented with your ID or Passport and Driving License.
  • Bring your credit card instead of a debit card to pay the rent.
  • Compare rental companies and book as early as possible.
  • Read all the conditions carefully before making your reservation.
  • Check carefully the delivered vehicle for any obvious damage.
  • Be attentive to the politics of gasoline and the extra cost that they may impose you.
  • Respect the driving rules.
  • Park only in permitted areas.
  • Do not exceed the speed limits.