One day trips to Gibraltar

Gibraltar is a British overseas territory located south of the Iberian Peninsula. After crossing the border you have the sensation of being transported to a village in the United Kingdom. The place is known for shopping, the Upper Rock and its free monkeys.

Day trips to Gibraltar

Organized trips to Gibraltar

Every Monday and Saturday throughout the year, excluding public holidays, take place excursions by bus from Malaga to Gibraltar. You can book this excellent tour at a cost of between 19.50 to 45.00 euros, depending on the places you are going to visit.

What will you see during the tour?

On this tour to Gibraltar you can visit the Upper Rock to see the Macaque monkeys of the territory, a race of wild monkeys that live peacefully in the mountains; the Great Siege Tunnels and Europa Point from where to enjoy a great view of the sea and the coast of Africa. You can also enjoy shopping in the famous Main Street; the peculiarity of the territory is that prices are tax exempt.

Another excursion is a boat trip off the coast of Gibraltar to watch the dolphins.

Day trips to Gibraltar

The tour includes a stop for breakfast and optionally a break in the city centre for lunch.

Tips & recommendations

Do not forget your ID or passport.

In winter we recommend wearing warm clothes because the weather can be pretty fresh. But if you travel to Gibraltar in summer wear comfortable and light clothes and don´t discard wearing sunglasses and hat too.

Avoid providing food to the monkeys on the rock, they could behave in an aggressive manner.

How to book the excursion?

Fill our contact form and ask for all the details you need to know. We will answer as soon as possible.

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Other options for traveling to Gibraltar

To visit Gibraltar and its monuments you can opt for alternatives such as car rental or booking a minibus transfer to take you to the city.

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