One day trips to Córdoba

Cordoba is one of the most interesting places for an excursion. The Andalusian city has a variety in culture and monuments from Roman and Muslim civilizations settled here in the past.

Day trip to Córdoba

Organized trips to Cordoba

Every Thursday throughout the year, excluding public holidays, take place excursions from Malaga to Cordoba, just a 2 hours’ drive away. To take advantage of this excellent tour you only have to pay a rate of 52.00 euros.

What will you see during the tour?

The trip to Cordoba not only includes a visit to the stunning Mezquita de Córdoba, but also tye Synagogue and the Jewish Quarter and a stroll over the Roman Bridge and a visit to the historic centre.

The tour includes a stop for breakfast and optionally a break in the city centre for lunch.

Vista aérea de la Mezquita


During the winter it is highly advisable to wear or carry warm clothing; however, in the summer you won´t need too many clothes; on the contrary, we recommend wearing light, comfortable clothing and continuously drink fluids to stay hydrated, even carry sunglasses and headgear such as a hat or a cap.

How to book the excursion?

Fill our contact form and ask for all the details you need to know. We will answer as soon as possible.

Other options for traveling to Cordoba

To visit Cordoba and its monuments you can opt for alternatives such as car rental o booking a private taxi to take you to the city.

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