Malaga day trips & excursions besides offering a competent transfer service, also organizes all types of tours and excursions in the different municipalities of Malaga visiting the monuments, museums and the most interesting tourist places.

ToursBelow is a list of prices on some of the most interesting trips you can do in Andalucía. However, you should know that our tour service is personalized and tailored to your desires; please contact us and tell us where you would like to travel and the dates, we'll do the rest.

One day trips in Andalusia

Andalucia organized trips

If you don't know where to hike, you can click on each of the following destinations to know details of the organized trips we offer:

Excursion to

Cordoba is one of the most interesting places for an excursion in Andalusia

per pax

Excursion to

Gibraltar is a British overseas territory located south of the Iberian Peninsula.

per pax

Excursion to

Granada is a beautiful city, University city, full of history and with plenty of cultural attractions.

per pax

Excursion to

Most interesting inland villages of Malaga, along with others like Antequera or Mijas.

per pax

Excursion to

Monuments, parks, bridges, museums and the largest Gothic cathedral in the world

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Excursion to

Some of the best beaches in the province, as well as the interesting Cave of Nerja.

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Excursion to

A completely different environment to what can be experienced anywhere in Europe.

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Prices for large groups (between 12 and 19 pax)

Visit Mijas
Minibus 12 pax: 238 € Minibus 19 pax: 262 €
Tours in Marbella, Puerto Banús and Nerja
Minibus 12 pax: 263 € Minibus 19 pax: 276 €
Excursions to Ronda and Gibraltar
Minibus 12 pax: 282,50 € Minibus 19 pax: 296,50 €
Day trips in Cordoba and Granada
Minibus 12 pax: 460 € Minibus 19 pax: 506 €
Excursions to Sevilla
Minibus 12 pax: 506 € Minibus 19 pax: 556 €

* All these prices are calculated per trip. Learn more about Malaga bus prices.

Prices for small groups (1 - 4 travellers)

Day trips to Mijas
Standard vehicler: 160 € Executive car: 192 € Luxury: 224 € People Carrier (7 pax): 216 €
Excursions to Marbella, Puerto Banús and Nerja
Standard vehicle: 217 € Executive car: 239 € Luxury: 282 € People Carrier (7 pax): 239 €
Excursión in Ronda and Gibraltar from 61 €
Standard vehicle: 244,50 € Executive car: 269 € Luxury: 317 € People Carrier (7 pax): 269 €
Visit Granada
Standard vehicle: 380 € Executive car: 418 € Luxury: 494 € People Carrier (7 pax): 418 €
Day trips to Córdoba or Sevilla
Standard vehicle: 418 € Executive car: 460 € Luxury: 522 € People Carrier (7 pax): 460 €

* All these prices are calculated per trip. Learn more about Malaga transfer prices.

Travel time

ToursMost trips take place in 5 hours to travel to some location of Malaga and around 10 hours to Andalucia tours or day trips, please check the below times:

  • Mijas: 5 hours
  • Malaga, Ronda, Marbella: 5 hours
  • Gibraltar: 5 hours
  • Nerja, Tarifa: 5 hours
  • Granada: 10 hours
  • Córdoba, Cádiz, Jerez: 10 hours
  • Sevilla: 10 hours
If you finally want to hire an excursion, click on the following link and tell us all details of your journey: Send us an email
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